CNG Gas: CNG gas pumps closed in Gujarat till further announcement

An important news regarding CNG gas has come out that CNG pumps will be closed till further announcement. Now CNG gas has become a necessity of life. People can’t live without it, such news has caused depression in people.

Dealers will file a protest by stopping the sale of CNG due to non-increase in CNG margin, decision to stop sale of CNG on March 3

  • CNG pumps closed in Gujarat until further notice as CNG margins do not increase
  • Dealers will lodge a protest by stopping the sale of CNG
  • Sale of CNG stopped

CNG pump dealers in the state are once again in trouble. As there is no increase in margin in CNG, it has been decided to stop sales for one day. Dealers are going to protest by stopping the sale of CNG.

The decision was taken without increasing the margin of the CNG gas dealer

CNG pump dealers are once again in dire straits as their margins do not increase. On March 3, the sale of CNG will be stopped and a protest will be lodged. He has taken this decision as the margin of dealers selling CNG is not increasing. Dealers have said that the demand has not been accepted despite repeated representations. Dealers have decided to protest as CNG margin has not increased for 55 months.


Notified by CNG Dealers Association

Federation of Gujarat Petroleum Dealers Association has issued a notice to all committee members. In which he has written that CNG dealer margin has not increased since last 55 months, despite many letters from our federation, meetings, our dealer margin has not increased, therefore all CNG dealers of Gujarat state on 3-3-2023 from 7 am on Friday morning. The sale of CNG gas will be closed for an unspecified time. In which a note is also written that Gujarat gas franchise dealers have also joined us in the bandh.

CNG vehicle drivers may face trouble

It may be mentioned that the CNG pump holders in Gujarat will go on strike on March 3 due to the complaint that the CNG gas dealers are not being given proper amount of commission. The owners of CNG gas pumps will go on strike, which will cause trouble to rickshaw pullers and car drivers. The pump owners have threatened to continue the strike till the demand is met.

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