Permanently Delete photos

ડિલીટ કરેલા ફોટા પાછા કેવી રીતે મેળવવા

In today’s time Permanently Delete , most of the people use mobile phones and one of the main reasons for this is the simple and user friendly interface of mobiles, it becomes very easy for everyone from children to old people, but no matter how simple things are. But many times mistakes are made by humans, this is also because it is human nature to make mistakes.

It often happens to us that some of our important photos are accidentally deleted by us, this happens when we modify the phone storage or delete the album or it is done by the hands of children. It also happens that in a hurry,Permanently Delete after seeing one or two photos, we make the mistake of deleting the entire album, but then, when we do not find our photos, we take them to recovery, where your photos are also recovered. : is obtained.

ડિલીટ કરેલા ફોટા કેવી રીતે પુનપ્રાપ્ત કરવા

Today we are going to tell you a way through which you can recover all deleted photos from your phone,Permanently Delete for this many people say you have to root the phone but today we are going to tell you such a way. With the help of which you can recover photos from phone without rooting. Just keep in mind that the photos are only deleted and the phone is not reset.

If you want to take your deleted photos to memory card instead of phone, you can do it this way too,Permanently Delete you have to take help of third party application which you can download for free from Android playstore or iOS store. By doing this you can easily recover your deleted photos.

હવે તમે જેમ બોલશો એમ લખાતું જાશે

કેવી રીતે કરવું તેના સ્ટેપ્સ


You need to install DiskDigger app and open it.


After this you will see the option of “Start Basic Photo Scan” which you have to click on.


After this, a scanning window will appear on your screen where you can see all the photos, this scanning may take some time. How to repair Kharab memory card?


Now while the scanning is running, you will see a small checkbox near the photo that will appear on the screen, now tick the checkbox address of the photo you want to restore.


By doing this, those photos will be selected, after which you have to click on the Recover button given above.


Now a window will appear in front of you where it will ask location, now wherever you want to save this photo on phone or memory card, just select that location. By doing this, you will get the photo recovery on your phone’s notification bar. A notification will appear.


After this all your photos will be in your phone gallery.


Permanently Delete Photos Back-up So now you must know how to recover deleted photos from mobile with the help of this app, the size of this app is also very small, so this app will not use much of your memory. Apart from this, if your mobile is rooted, you get a chance to use more of its features, however you should not root your mobile as it can damage your mobile quickly.

Permanently Delete photos


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