Anyror Gujarat 7/12 Online | 7/12 ના ઉતારાની નકલ ઓનલાઇન ડાઉનલોડ કરો

Anyror Gujarat 7/12 Online | 7/12 Utara Online | Urban/Rural Area Land Records | Gujarat Bhulekh Naksha Online |Anyror Gujarat 7/12 Online Check Gujarat Land Records 7/12 (Satbara Utara) Online

Farmers’ own land record details are included in the extract of 7 12 Utara. This record includes ownership, survey number, type of land, crop information, land area, etc.

This important record is also useful for getting crop loans for new crop planting in the soil.

ગુજરાત સરકારે આપી મોટી સગવડ : Anyror Gujarat 7/12 Online હવે ઑનલાઈન તમે જ કાઢી શકશો

– Adigatly Signed Copy can be obtained from anyror or I-ARA portal

– QR Code (QR CODE) will be available on Analal

– From AJ, the on-line of its authenticity will be able to establish any person

– Use of which link will be extracted

 હવે તમારો ફોન જાતે બોલશે કે કોનો ફોન આવે છે 

Anyror Gujarat 7/12 Online Important records for land village sample No 1, 1/3, 3-A, which are available at the taluka e-ahar centers / e-rural level, can now be digitally signed on-line and this. The copy would be authorized for use.

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For this, the replacement fee fee will also be paid on-line. Digitally sign copy can be obtained from anyror or I-AA portal. The QR Code (QR CODE) will be available on this copy so that any person will be able to do its authenticity on-line.

Anyror Gujarat 7/12 Online – Along with this you have often worked hard to withdraw 7/12 of the Tamri land. It is also said that under 7/12 – 7/12 ના ઉતારાની નકલ ઓનલાઇન ડાઉનલોડ કરો | Anyror Gujarat 7/12 Online

Anyror Gujarat 7/12 Online – Gujarat state government is providing land records of 225 talukas and 26 districts. Any RR portal is an official website launched by the Revenue Department of Gujarat. So special

【ગ્રામ્ય વિસ્તાર ના જમીન ના રેકોર્ડ】

 7/12 ના ઉતારાની નકલ ઓનલાઇન 

 8-અ ના ઉતારાની નકલ ઓનલાઇન 

【શહેરી વિસ્તારના જમીન ના રેકોર્ડ】

 7/12 ના ઉતારાની નકલ ઓનલાઇન 

 8-અ ના ઉતારાની નકલ ઓનલાઇન 

Out of the total 3 letters fixed for the record, ie, the letter no. 1 and roll no. A letter made by compiling two letters, 2nd is called it 1/2.

Jamin na Utara કેવી રીતે ડાઉનલોડ કરવા તેની સ્ટેપ બાય સ્ટેપસ માહિતી મેળવીશું.

Go to the portal on the first Revenue Department Anyror Gujarat 7/12 Online  (ANYROR.GUJARAT.GOV.IN) and I-A (

Click on the “digitally signed ror/digital sign village sample number” shown on the main page of ➤any ror or I-AA portal.

Enter your mobile number.

Read the Captcha CODE appearing in the page of the AvebSite and enter it in the taxbox below. If Captcha Code cannot be read then click on “Refresh Code”. So the new code will come to the screen.

Click “Generate OTP” after inserting the Code Code. Generating OTP will come to the verification code on the mobile number entered by you.

Click on the “login” by entering the verification code on the Amobile number Textbook.

After clicking on ➤login, the form for obtaining a digitally signed village sample will be open.

Your district, taluka and village will have to be selected to make the Agam sample number. In which the survey number / block number / account number / note number is selected and click on “Add Village Form”.

Click on the details of the required village sample number one by one as per the above mentioned issue number 8 and prepare the list on “Add Village Form”.

After preparing a list of the village sample number, click on the required verification and click on “Procced for Payment”.

Now click on “Procced for Payment” and click on “CANCEL REQUEST”.

If all the information is right, click on “Pay Amount” and pay the required amount online.

Non-Non:- A) The fee is to be paid online for the village sample. B) Carefully read the instructions outlined on the main page of the portal for on-line payments before paying the online amount.

After paying the appadition, the digital village will be available on the screen to download the sample number. Digital village sample can be downloaded by clicking “Download Ror”.

Non:- A) If the digital village sample number is not ready after payment of the amount, then click on “Generate Roor” and prepare the digital village sample number.

Adigital Village Sample Number will be available for download for up to 24 hours in your Login. The login will then be canceled.

➤Digital Gam Namuna Number has a digital sign. And it is a copy of the state government.

Anyror Gujarat 7/12 Online Scanning the QR CODE shown in the Edgital Village Sample Number will allow any person or organization to verify and verify the copy of the server.

Any person or organization can be tested by entering the unique number below the QR Code included in the Edgital Village Sample Number.

Anyror Gujarat 7/12 Online

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